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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin… You might already know that we upholster beautiful antique furniture in specialist linens from around the world. This coming week we are excited to show you the stunning selection we have on offer. Victorian and Edwardian chairs, 1920s chesterfields and curvaceous French settees. All of these pieces have […]

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We are Spoon-atics!

It has happened, we have become quite the spoonatic! Wooden spoons have been made and used within cultural traditions for thousands of years reflecting the life of ordinary folk. The wooden spoon has been regarded as an award or booby prize for the worst in show, but we believe they deserve to be a much […]

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A Big Thank You

A big thank you to all our wonderful customers! We have had some beautiful emails from around the globe thanking us for our book Which makes us feel so grateful to you all and lucky to have such wonderful jobs! Our book has been on sale for over a year now and is doing tremendously […]