A Big Thank You

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A big thank you to all our wonderful customers!

We have had some beautiful emails from around the globe thanking us for our book
Which makes us feel so grateful to you all and lucky to have such wonderful jobs!

Our book has been on sale for over a year now and is doing tremendously well.
A friend only last week saw it in Vancouver and another in Australia !!

Here is one of our emails from the lovely Maria in Russia…

“Dear Zoe and Alex,

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful book you’ve created, which I’ve just finished reading and absorbing.

As you said in the book, you should not hesitate to buy the things you immediately feel drawn to on your travels. Just this happened with me and your book: I first saw it in Anthropologie in New York, and felt immediately fascinated with the title and a few pages browsed through. I didn’t buy it on that bitterly cold March day, and I’ve been asking for it in the bookstores since, never encountering it. Something about it captured my attention and didn’t let go, so when I got back to Russia (where I’m writing you from), I ordered it online, and was extremely delighted when it arrived by mail.

Usually I simply look at pictures in interior books, but yours I read cover to cover. It’s so wonderfully thoughtful, and you managed to transcend the unique mood, that sense of calm and serenity, of appreciation of and attention to life – it’s simply incredible. It made me want to rethink the way I live my life and furnish my home. It made me want to host dinner parties, get lost in flea markets, and learn about antique objects, the history of things.

So thank you for this, and all the best to you and your store.
I hope to be able to stop by and see it myself one day.


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