A glass for every occasion


A Glass for Every Occasion

The perfect glass is something that is searched for. A glass for water, a glass for wine. One for a small tipple, one for a long ice-cold beverage.

Whilst we have always sold a range of glass wear in our general store, from hand blown to bubble, We have once more had an impulse of Henry Dean glass. We have stocked this beautiful range in the past but we are happy to see it gracing our shelves once more.

“Every Henry Dean object is created out of mouthblown and handmade glass. The use of a wooden mould is a very primitive technique to create glass objects and has to be performed by the skilled hands of real artisans. Each time this mould is used, it burns out a little bit, thus giving each object its unique, handmade character.” – Henry Dean Website

The quality of Henry Dean glass is so tactile. The weightiness of each glass makes them sit just perfectly in your hand. Each hand made piece holding its own unique appearance.

Our favorites include these absolutely stunning blue grey vases, set off perfectly by sliver grass, and the little glass cream jug is just absolute.

A glass for every occasion.

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