A peek into a baker’s kitchen

Locally sourced, passionately made and easily devoured.

Cakes of all tastes are made with love whether it be chocolaty or fruity: citrusy or sweet: all are created by our talented cake baker Lucie Bennett based in the hills of Henfield, Sussex.

Lucie is an artisan baker, who is extremely proud of each and every bake that comes from her kitchen.

She invited me in, to go and take a peek at what happens behind the scenes to create the gorgeous plates of joy that appear upon our menu.

She is passionate about locally sourced produce and about making things from scratch including her candied orange peel that tops the delicious carrot cupcakes and the syrups used within her recipes. She is meticulously organized but overflowing in creativity when it comes to baking and flavours.

A carrot cake is filled with caramel and topped with citrus icing; a chocolate cake is infused with beetroot to moisten the cake and is topped with a special white icing and fruit. The gluten free options are some of her best, the apple and maple syrup is a must try! These are a few of our many unique cakes that are lovingly made for our little café.

It was a joy to see such an extremely talented baker at work and I now appreciate all the time that is put into each and every one of her cakes.

I left feeling completely inspired.

Maria x