Alex & Zoe host ‘Creative Walls’ book signing in store


12 noon today. Sat 9th April. i gigi General Store is hosting a book signing for Creative Walls author, Geraldine James.

Come and meet the author, pick up a signed copy and have a peek at some of the beautiful interiors captured in this stunning book. Including Alex and Zoe’s very own homes. And after all that, enjoy lunch in our Cafe upstairs.

Geraldine James Creative Walls – how to display and enjoy your treasured collections
Publication Date: March 2011 Price: £19.99

“Deciding on a theme of something that you love means your collecting becomes more controlled. Empty your drawers and cupboards, look through your albums, examine your pin board, and invariably a theme will emerge… Unframed oil paintings became my focus, but it could easily be any mixture of mediums, postcards, sketches or typography. By hanging them together on a plain wall, they will have a far more dramatic effect than if displayed singly.”
– Geraldine James

Creative Walls, by Selfridges Home Buying Manager, Geraldine James, explains how walls can be used to create havens of self-expression. Making the most of wall space is an art in itself and an increasing trend which is now giving many of us a voice in our own homes, enabling us to create something very personal, unique and individual to our living space.

We all have treasures that rarely see the light of day. Idling in the closets or resting in the loft are often boxes of beloved trinkets, decorative plates, findings from the beach, glassware, vintage toys, and of course precious family photographs – all just waiting for an outing. In her first book, Creative Walls, veteran collector of all things beautiful, Geraldine James, shows ways to organise and stylishly display your valuables to celebrate their uniqueness and your creativity.

Any wall is perfect for display, whatever its size, shape or style. Look for unusual spaces and items: line up a series of themed prints above a picture rail, dust off heaps of floral china plates and set them in grand style above the fireplace, or simply add a mirror into a display to instantly create another in its image. Chapter by chapter, discover how to arrange virtually anything from scratch, rearrange the collections you treasure to best effect, and begin a journey into colour, texture and themes to create elegant displays that give a home character and charm.

From a memory wall of sepia family photographs or a pin board displaying your favourite jewellery pieces to witty collections of kitsch art, such as theatre programmes and concert tickets, or a collection of antique teapots or clocks which will illuminate a little corner, this clever and inspiring guide shows how to create a look that will bring any space to life.

Packed with top tips throughout such as ‘place your pictures on the floor and moving them around, exploring how they relate before hanging them on the wall’ and ‘create a theme that may reflect your environment – for example if you live by the coast, boats may be your thing; if you are a city dweller, skylines may draw your attention’, Creative Walls shows how easy it can be to bring together such random treasures. Whatever you love, let it influence your wall.

A display of photographs, objects, textiles or china is an art form in itself. Creative Walls will inspire you to organise and arrange your collections on any surface in your home to create character, charm and elegance.

“My passion has always been creating beauty from nothing”

Geraldine James started her career in fashion at Harrods as a Contemporary Designer Buyer and travelled the globe, seeking out the hottest new designers. From fashion Geraldine moved to home and gift, and started an adventure in the eclectic world of interior design and home trends. She soon developed a passion for collecting and finding the most unusual and beautiful things. This carried through to her home life and now her obsessive pursuit of unique treasures gives her great pleasure.

Five years ago Geraldine moved to work at Selfridges, named the world’s best department store in June 2010 by the IGDS (Intercontinental Group of Department Stores) and the IADS (International Association of Department Stores). She works as a home buying manager and, as part of her role, spends time travelling extensively to find exciting and new product for the store.

Her obsessive pursuit of beautiful things means that she spends much of her spare time at antique markets and exhibitions or rummaging in junk stores.

Specially commissioned photography by Andrew Wood

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