Baskets from Bengal


We have a new supply of beautifully handcrafted baskets from the fair trade company Maison Bangel.

The company itself is a lovely company, a firm believer that trade can act as a powerful stimulant for change. Maison Bangal was set up to help provide the makers of these amazing baskets in Bangladesh with a fair wage; it is the first step to achieving fair trade.

Developing a very close and long-term partnership with the suppliers in Bangladesh based on trust and respect was very important. The communities that they work with are extremely remote and have little opportunity to get themselves out of poverty.

Maison aim to help these communities by developing desirable products made from readily available materials to then ensure better understanding between producer and customer.

We love these baskets, not only for the beauty but also for the skill and tradition that has gone in to the making.

Baskets range from £45 – £150
From nesting baskets to extra large holga/fruit picking baskets. They are all now available in our online catalogue and in store.

(the baskets featured in the picture above are large fruit picking baskets -£95)

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