Familiar February

The second month of the year, February, derives from the Latin for purification. We take that as to start again, to start fresh. Out with the old and in with the new. It has become our start to the year, the chaos is behind us and it is a joy to awaken the shop once more.

A scent of spring is in the air with a slight confidence that it will appear shortly, we have both fingers and toes crossed just in case. Bringing back our clean and simple shelves, they are now arranged with pale woods and fresh ceramics. With three different sets that can mingle together, shades of pale greys and biscuit creams, there is ample choice for the dinner table.

The drama of some branches takes center stage and a bleached mahogany armoire, commanding your attention from the stairs, holds a magical poise. Beautifully carved and is such a statement piece.

A blend of green glass against raw bark is always favorite, a stunning contrast. Add that to handcrafted olive wood ladles and some pestle and mortars, so tactile and tempting.

Rich velvet cushions placed on contrasting natural linens of antique upholstered pieces are dotted around. These are among the new arrival of wishbone dining chairs and stripped back workbenches. Furniture is plentiful and more on its way.

We have restored some serenity back to our General Store after the sale, and we couldn’t be happier about the arrival of February.