Introducing Zina


This wonderful lady has been a member of the i gigi team for many years but has been hidden behind the scenes. As the amazing seamstress that she is, we now bring her to the forefront at our general store. Zina has moved her workshop – machines, patterns and all – to our little basement.

Originally from the Czech republic, Zina moved here 8 years ago and has been sewing for 30 years. Her experience and skills are endless and very much like i gigi, she shares the love of natural yarns and fabrics. Making garments from linen and silk are close to her heart and she works with this quality to create simple and beautiful items, from cushion covers to timeless i gigi pieces of clothing designed by Alex and Zoe.

“The pieces I have made for i gigi are the best I have ever had the pleasure to make.”

The best part of Zina moving in to our shop is that now she can connect with the customers she makes for. To see her working the craft she has honed over many years is quite a wonder.

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