Mothers Day

Mothering Sunday is true tradition that goes back in time to the 16th century. It is a day for the praise of our wonderful mothers.
Falling on a Sunday, a day of peace and calm, it is to celebrate all of these women who have passed on their endless wisdom. It is their day to be treated and looked after.

Flowers are traditionally given on this day, as it went that children would pick them, wild from the meadows on returning from church to give as a gift.

Flowers are always welcome, especially when the first glimpses of spring are blooming. Hydrangeas and hyacinths adorn the front of our general store. We also have plenty more ways to spoil your mum.

To pamper – We have some amazing new scented natural delights from France, from chains of lavender scented soaps to relaxing bath salts; they deserve a moment to unwind.

A touch of sweetness – Turkish delight, handmade in Istanbul, either a classic rose infused flavor or our personal favorite here in the shop, pistachio! Ready wrapped in tissue paper and vintage ribbon.

Our unusual finds and handmade jewelry – completely stunning holly wood and ebony bangles are just gorgeous, alongside our Indian boxes and marble dishes.

These are just a few inspiring goodies you can find here at i gigi to help treat that particularly special lady in your life.

(In the picture above: wonki ware cup £28, Chain soap £16, bangles from £45, Turkish delight £18, Bath salts £4.50 and soaps from £2.50)

Please contact us at the shop with any questions or to make an order.

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