Stills- New Brand for i gigi


‘Stills’ the new brand for i gigi women.

Providing beautiful tailoring in washable black jersey and Heritage style Tweeds in knitwear and new longer length skirts.

We really feel this label has added something different to our existing collection.

Its now in-store…

‘Inside Stills’

‘A place of concentration and collaboration, the in-house atelier in Amsterdam is the softly beating heart of Stills. Here our creative visions for the season unfold and are subsequently formed, one detail at a time’.

Stills is a creative team of designers, pattern-makers and seamstresses. Based in Amsterdam and mindfully led by Korrie Vulkers and Martin Tramper working closely together creating clothing that is eminently timeless, effortlessly elegant and. radiantly feminine. Its all about the attention to detail, the focus it takes to bring ideas to life. The craftsmanship and the love that is put into every hem, stitch and embellishment. For the fall 2011 collection, Stills looks to the ’50s and ’60s for elegant and refined silhouettes in modern fabric finishes, the result is a contemporary look for the self-confident and independent women that’s rooted in the past, with a present mind and view into the future.

i gigi has carefully selected pieces that will work well with the other Labels in store. We hope you enjoy and love the collection as much as we do.

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