Alex Legendre has worked on several projects at my home and office, all of which have been very close to my heart. She is an inspiring interior designer, which an in-depth knowledge and great passion for her work. Her ideas in building development and design are truly original, full of personality and informed by her instinctive love of subtle colour, teeter and tone. Beyond her incredible eye ( and ability to spot a key piece of furniture at fifty paces ), she also has an amazing realm of contacts, people whom she trusts who care as much about the project as she dose. The upshot has, for me always been superb, thanks to Alex my home and office are idyllic spaces in which to live, think and work.”

Mimi Spencer


The i gigi Brand has always been a dream and an inspiration for us. It takes a big talent to create such a universe. Zoe and Alex have a great sensibility to the invisible things in life and see beauty in the most profound vibrations of the world around us. They manage to capture that beauty and share with other people to enjoy. They not only pass it on but they also educate you in how to appreciate and understand it better. When we discovered that an apartment which the i gigi stamp came up for sale, we where sure that we would love it and would wont to live in it before even seeing it! And this is what happened! A few weeks later, we had purchased a piece of the i gigi universe. There is so much detail and so much delicacy in its finishings that transport you in a magical place. The little everyday things of life become so special that you definitely live the in the- now experience. We are now working with Zoe to refine even feather the decoration and to discover our personal touch. What is really valuable when working with the i gigi team and particular with Zoe is that they are with you over time and help you adjust your space to your own personal growth and evolution. We feel very happy that we are now part of the i gigi creative story and wish that everyone could experience it!!”

Ashley & Kristina Lacour