The Sofa Ideals

Weather you prefer a settee to a chesterfield, a divan to a chaise lounge, these iconic pieces of furniture have fast become a staple within the home. To us they are important, for comfort and style. The story behind comfort in the living room or lounge.

The sofa ideals have flourished from a rather grand beginning. Looking back to the first designs involving upholstered seating. Also from the wooden benches and hard back seats that just wouldn’t cut it in that moment of relaxation whilst sitting.

Here at i gigi we prefer the iconic chesterfield and also the Howard sofa. Covered in stunning linens and and a few lovely cushions thrown in for good measure.
The Howard sofa has be regarded as one of the most popular of models of sofa. This is due to the style and timeless design that was created by Howard and sons back in the 1800’s.

Howard and sons were at the leading company of upholstery in the nineteenth century. They were know for there perfect craftsmanship, sticking to traditional techniques whilst creating something for comfort and full of style.

At i gigi we still believe in the traditional ideals when it comes to furniture and upholstery. We produce a range which is our version of the Howard sofas and also armchairs.

The ‘Howard’ is one of the bespoke styles that we make locally, every part of our new range is made in Sussex by traditional craftsmen. Quality and comfort are key.

We now have one in store for you to contemplate over, to have a seat and see if it might turn out to be one of your favorites too.

Please contact us at the shop for any more details about the range of sofas we can make bespoke or antique sofas we have available.

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