We are Spoon-atics!


It has happened, we have become quite the spoonatic!

Wooden spoons have been made and used within cultural traditions for thousands of years reflecting the life of ordinary folk.

The wooden spoon has been regarded as an award or booby prize for the worst in show, but we believe they deserve to be a much more worthy accolade. Where would one be without the wooden spoon collection within ones kitchen?

Wood is sturdy but not harsh, lasts for years or even decades, and is one of the most versatile materials out of which a kitchen utensil can be crafted. It retains memories in a way others cannot. It shows signs of use. It changes colour and texture, wears and ages and even changes shape.

Wooden spoons are one of our many vices here at I Gigi along with bowls and chairs.
We have an ample supply in our general store from simple spoons made from mango wood though to the lovingly hand whittled cedar ladle. Each holding something extremely tactile, something that feels good in your hand.

In our eyes the wooden spoon is beautifully efficient and a historic kitchen tool with many reasons why the wooden spoons is indeed better than the rest!

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